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Sprawdzeni producenciAt this time, several proven manufacturers already produce parts with the URSUS logo. Some of them belong to Markowski Group, a production and distribution group, in which 100% of the share capital belongs to Polish entities. The group has been cooperating with Ursus since 2011 and is responsible for the production and distribution of original parts for Ursus C and MF series.

Nowadays the Markowski Group factories employ nearly 500 qualified employees, operating modern and high-capacity production machines. These companies manufacture parts for brand agricultural machine producers, as well as construction and industry companies.


“Today, we can pride ourselves in the fact that our subassemblies are used for the initial assembly of tractors and other industrial machines of the best global brands! Our production is based on technical documentation provided by the aforementioned brands. We also develop our own construction solutions and strictly observe quality control processes at every stage of the part manufacturing process. To that end, we established a quality control team working in a professionally-equipped laboratory”

– said Andrzej Markowski.


Among other producers delivering URSUS brand parts, there are only carefully selected companies which have successfully passed audits carried out by specialists from the Markowski Group.

“The audit is meant to confirm that the given producer has access to appropriate machinery, technology and a repeatable production process which will guarantee that farmers will be able to use URSUS parts for many years. In addition, the audit verifies whether a producer is able to stick to narrow tolerance levels and maintain strict standards established in our documentation”

– said Dariusz Rejniak, Implementation Manager.

Only manufacturers who realise that product quality is an inseparable part of the production process that needs to be verified at its every stage can expect to work with us.


What made URSUS entrust the Markowski Group with the production and distribution processes?

„It was most certainly due to the extensive experience of the company in production and distribution. Secondly, the entities that belong to Mr Markowski’s group are not newcomers in the sector. These companies have been producing subassemblies for such renowned brands as New Holland, Class and Bosch and successfully operating in several sectors for a long time, which serves as evidence for their determination and capabilities.”

“The company uses technical documentation delivered by producers as well as thoroughly described and strictly observed quality control processes at each stage of production and has a dedicated quality control team which uses a professionally-equipped laboratory, tools and measurement instruments. Thanks to this process, we can avoid manufacturing products of questionable quality – something that oftentimes happens in this sector. Thirdly, Rolmar (which belongs to the Markowski Group) has extensive experience in distribution and has established its position on the market (the list of customers includes more than 1,000 distributors and is growing dynamically). Consequently, the group does not need assistance in distributing spare parts – they are able to handle it on their own, a benefit that could not have been ignored by Ursus”

– said Karol Zarajczyk, CEO of URSUS S.A.



Cechy oryginalnych części marki Ursus

In order to be certain that the part we purchase for our Ursus tractor is actually an original product, we must first know how to recognise such an item.
First of all: the packaging is red and white and has the Ursus logo on it
Secondly: there is a distinctive hologram included on the label.
Thirdly, the packaging includes a mark that every customer will surely appreciate: “Iron guarantee – 24 months”, which confirms that products bearing the URSUS logo are of the highest quality.
And lastly, there is always a permanent Ursus mark visible on the products themselves.



In 2012 Waryński Origin joined the Markowski Group.
The company was established by combining the competencies and production potential of the Waryński Hydraulika and Waryński Żelechów plants.

Waryński Origin is a plant which combines rich experience in the sector, gained since 1882, when it first began producing agricultural equipment, with highly-accurate power hydraulics element production processes.

The company works with a number of renowned producers of agricultural, construction and mining machines, by providing parts for the initial assembly of their products.
Apart from Polish companies, Waryński brand products are also supplied to businesses in England, Germany, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The processes carried out at the plant include machining and grinding of gear wheels, production of sleeves and slide and sealing bearing bushings, grinding-in of surfaces which require adhesion tightness, hole honing and steel construction welding.

Waryński Hydraulikao

We specialise in the production of the following:

  • gear pumps
  • engines
  • valves
  • distributors
  • quick-release coupling
  • connectors.


Waryński Agro

The company has gradually established its position in the agricultural range.
The range of products that Waryński is responsible for includes:

  • working parts for cultivation machines
  • working parts for flail, disc and rotary mowers
  • loader tines
  • jointed telescopic shafts
  • gearbox elements
  • articulated joints
  • and other

The dynamic development of our agricultural range is possible thanks to a team of experienced constructors and technologists, who are supported by specialised research institutes and employees of other plants of the Markowski Group.

Waryński is a globally-recognised brand, and thanks to the acquisition of the Waryński plant by Markowski Group, the brand is becoming increasingly popular among producers and end users who are looking for products of original-like quality at an affordable price.



End users search increasingly often for high-quality, durable goods which can serve as an alternative to expensive original products and which can also be installed in modern machines and equipment.

Based on the experiences of engineers and technologists, as well as due to the expectations of our Customers, in 2015, after many months of testing, research, comparisons and audits, we introduced pneumatic brake elements into our product range.

We pay special attention to:

  • aluminium casting technology and its selection
  • equipment body leak-tightness tests
  • sealing selection

As a result of our work, we are able to offer dozens of valves, cables and joints, which are compatible with both Polish and foreign-made machines.

Polmo range also includes various gas springs, which we manufacture in cooperation with subcontractors of top automotive companies.

Before their introduction to our product range, Polmo springs undergo extensive testing, including the following:

  • 30,000 cycles at +20°C
  • 500 cycles at -20°C and +80°C
  • 120 hours of corrosion resistance testing in a salt chamber – piston rod
  • 240 hours of corrosion resistance testing in a salt chamber – varnish
  • Minimum tensile strength: 5000 N

POLMO products are covered by a 36-month IRON GUARANTEE



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